My mission? 

Engage and Inspire.

Born in the great north, Wawa, Ontario (Google it) but raised in Parry Sound, ON (also Google it). The outdoors is in my blood. The waters of The Great Lakes and its surrounding landscape speak to me. If I get the time, that is where I will be. When I am not exploring, I am likely working on my other passion. Image making. It has been my job for 10 years now. 

In this time, I have been fortunate enough to work on numerous national and international campaigns that have spread my work across North America. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of lighting a room set full of a clients beautiful furniture or products almost as much as I enjoy finding a perfect spot to photograph a hunter on the prowl... Almost...

I have had the pleasure of working with large and small teams on every imaginable type of set. Together with a small army of producers, assistants, stylists, and baristas, anything is possible. From a location shoot using natural light, to a three month endurance test of room sets built, and vinyl floors in a warehouse, with a thousand products to photograph using studio lighting, I've seen it all. 

Im my world NOTHING is done without a team. I deeply value the time and effort of everyone that comes on to my sets and thrive on collaboration with creatives and clients alike. 

Motion work is also familiar to me and several more pieces are on the way so hang tight!. 

I am lucky enough to be working in the crazy world of advertising, and I am thankful for every shoot that comes my way. If you want to work together, give me a call or fire me an email. 

Thank you for stopping by. 






Insta: @jtphoto