Justin is a Toronto based advertising photographer.

I was born in Wawa, Ontario (Google it) but I was raised in Parry Sound (also Google it). The outdoors is in my blood. The waters of Georgian Bay and its surrounding landscape speak to me. If I get the time, that is where I will be. 


When I don't have the time, I am likely working on my other passion. Image making. It has been my job for 10 years now. 


In this time, I have been fortunate enough to work on numerous national and international campaigns that have spread my work all across North America. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of lighting a room set full of a clients beautiful furniture or products almost as much as I enjoy finding a perfect spot to photograph a hunter on the prowl... Almost...

I have had the pleasure of working with large and small teams on every imaginable type of set. Together with a small army of producers, assistants, stylists, and baristas, anything from a 2 hour location shoot with natural light, to a four week long endurance test of room sets built in a warehouse, and a thousand products to photograph using studio lighting, I've seen it all. I think... 

Did I mention the fact that I went to film school? Slowly but surely I am adding motion work to my portfolio. 

I am lucky enough to be busy in the crazy world of advertising, and I am thankful for every shoot that comes my way. If you want to work together, give me a call or fire me an email.